Shibusa Systems believes that everyone should be able to live in a healthy, attainable, and sustainable home.

We are revolutionizing construction by delivering homes of exceptional quality, faster and more affordably than ever before. Our attention to detail and quality means we’ve designed a home that is beautiful, and also minimizes long-term operating costs for our residents.

Our On-site Precision Component Assembly™ system turns construction into assembly, significantly reducing time, cost and carbon footprint. We only ship building materials once, directly to the development site, for assembly into homes.

We provide an end-to-end building solution for our clients— from design conception through to certificate of occupancy—at a fixed price below market cost because we manage every step of the process in-house, eliminating reliance on contractors.

Our startup is scaling… quickly! Our team is willing to train new hires, but we can’t teach a relentless work ethic and a problem-solving attitude. We’re looking to bring on talent that is hungry to grow with us.

Career Opportunities

No open positions at this time